With input from more than 40 groups and individuals – from clinical staff and architects to estates teams and service users – our new set of anti-ligature handles have a modern, contemporary aesthetic, without losing the robustness and durability of our existing market-leading options.


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Invisible back-plate

You asked us to remove or reduce the impact of the metal back-plate on our handles, whilst retaining the robustness of fixing.

Many handles in Mental Health have a large back-plate for durability and ease of fitting – we’ve incorporated both into our
invisible back-plate.  So, the handle’s sturdy, but it looks more homely.

Twice the grip

Clinical staff and service users told us they wanted a new handle that offered better grip than existing pull handles, ensuring comfort and practicality on a day-to-day basis.

Regardless of your dominant hand, the hand you use to open a door depends on its swing direction.  That’s why our handles are handed – providing a more natural grip when pulling the door open. For convenience, they can simply be rotated 180º to
change the handing.

Matching turn-pull

To compliment the new pull handle, we've redesigned the turn-pull as well.  It fits the same footprint as our existing 728 turn-pull 724LP Oryx handles.

Service user feedback was vital throughout the process

When Primera joined forces with Safehinge, this presented exciting new design opportunities – combining our design and engineering expertise from Safehinge with the lockset and handle expertise and patents from Primera.  Exploring the process behind it, this article examines our process for exploring what you loved about our current handles, and where you felt we could improve.

Read our article and follow the process

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