At first sight, our products might look the same as any other on the market.  But explore the detail and you’ll find the key difference: ours save lives.

Unlike products that just claim to be the best, at Safehinge Primera, we let our performance do the talking – with crucial safety features you won’t find anywhere else.  Each award-winning product is the result of meticulous design, rigorous testing and feedback from you at every stage.

That’s why the lifesaving differences are in the detail. 

And we set the bar high for ourselves – ensuring our products deliver a step change in safety, robustness and practicality.  By exhaustively seeking your input and understanding the full spectrum of challenges, we develop thorough design insights and product requirements. 

The result?  You can be confident we've thought about the real world use of our product, so you don't have it.

Engineered to overcome barricades

The location of hinging point on our collapsible anti-barricade stop has been specially engineered to operate when service users barricade the door.  Any pressure on the door actually helps the door open outwards.

Just one lifesaving detail, but it's a crucial safety feature to overcoming determine barricades.

A lifesaving override

On our 5-way SOS lockset, the T-bar override tool has a bayonet fixing, enabling staff to pull the door open outwards.  This gives staff a 3x pull advantage over the internal handle – ending barricades quickly.

Informing clinical risk assessment

Our en-suite door leaves can only be reattached using the staff-only key.  This lifesaving detail prevents ligature learning (where service users repeatly attempt ligatures) and alerts staff to the most vulnerable service users in their care.

Lifesaving monitoring across the door

Our full-door alarm detects ligatures across the entire door, not just the top – a lifesaving detail that minimises blind spots between observations.


"A revolutionary, lifesaving [en-suite]"
DIMHN 2017 awarding judges

"It seems clear that your design and testing has considered all aspects of safe care and support, and management of risks to aid recovery"
Head of Adult Mental Health Crisis Services & Lead Nurse for Adult Mental Health
Western Health & Social Care Trust

“Your product development process is impressively thorough, from the initial prototypes through to the final concept prototype”
Healthcare Manager, NHS Tayside

“An innovative and well designed product which will undoubtedlyimprove service user safety through its application”
DIMHN 2018 awarding judges


Don’t take our products are face value – explore the detail for yourself.  And if you’ve got a question or feedback, then let us know.  Our products save lives and we’re committed to constant improvement.


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