We carry out the very strictest mechanical and abuse tests on our prototypes. And after that, we test them again…and again…and again. Only after passing hours of full and rigorous testing are we satisfied that they’re ready for release.

To ensure we’re always improving, we also gather feedback regularly. The result? Total compliance and products that tick every box — without sacrificing safety or superior aesthetics.

As a team of designers, engineers and product specialists, we take an engineering approach to our testing.  That's why our testing is methodical, measurable, repeatable and exhaustive.  We're also transparent - sharing our findings so that we can work with our clients and partners to improve our products and create better, safer Mental Health environments.

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En-suite door: Abuse testing

Designed to withstand extreme abuse, the pivots are tested beyond the levels set by current industry guidance.


Slam shut test (DD 171)

Simulating the sustained abuse that a doorset is be exposed to in the challenging Mental Health environment. It tests the durability of the doorstop and the frame's connection to the structural opening.


Physical attack test

Simulating a sustained attack on the door and hinge to ensure that no prospect of self-harm are exposed.


Fire rating test

We design safety into our products. The result? Fire-safe doors rated up to FD30 and FD60. This tests the complete doorset package - from the lockset and vision panel to the hinge and door closer.


Vision panel attack test

Can a vision panel sustain a continued assault without becoming a risk to the service user? Sureview can.


Downward deformation test

Measuring how much the door drops when a large force is applied downwards through the door handle. This tests whether the door hinge is damaged to the extent that the door can no longer contain a fire compartment.


Leg jamb test

This test focuses on the emergency release doorstop (Swiftstop), simulating a service user trying to barricade the door using their body strength.


Body impact test (DD 171)

Simulating the repeated impact of a body slamming against the door and testing the damage to the doorstop, frame, hinge and fixings.


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