We’re delighted to announce that we’ve recently completed the acquisition of Primera Life, the market leading manufacturers of anti-barricade locksets and other specialist door hardware widely used in Mental Health environments. 
This acquisition brings together two market leaders with award-winning design and engineering teams – creating a company which is greater than the sum of its parts.  Together we’ll drive forward innovation and raise the standards of safety in the sectors we operate in.  

On a day to day basis, Safehinge and Primera will continue to operate in the same way, so there’s no change to sales and purchasing channels. 

We'll share further details as we go through this exciting part of our growth.

Above all, we want to hear from you – our customers, sales and specification partners, and the architects to specify our products.  Safehinge has a proven track record, through our “Voice of Customer” process, of seeking and implementing customer feedback.  Our door is open to find out what you think about Safehinge and Primera products, and our customer service and support.  Whatever your feedback, we want to hear your ideas and we’ll use them to shape the future.


Customer support

Safehinge and Primera will continue to operate as two companies, as part the Safehinge Group.  Ordering, invoicing and project registration will be carried out in the same way as it currently is.  There is nothing new to learn – our customers and partners will continue to interact with the same people using same phone numbers and email addresses.

Our products complement each other well, making it easier for end customers, architects, and sales and specification partners to select the right components.  Plus our united specification team are trained in both Safehinge and Primera product ranges, ensuring that decision makers can make informed choices on finger guard, doorset and ironmongery products across all our sectors.

Our sales and specification team is geographically spread across the UK (London, West Midlands, North West and Scotland), meaning we can respond quicker and attend specification meetings to provide information and support to our customers and partners.  Ultimately empowering them to make decisions with confidence. 



Martin Izod and Philip Ross, co-founders and directors of Safehinge, are now directors of Primera and will work across both companies.  They are supported by long-standing Safehinge chair, John McDougall, who has overseen numerous acquisitions in his career and will become the chair of Primera.  Primera directors, Jerry Smith and Clive Stone, have stepped down from day-to-day operations, but are working with us behind the scenes to facilitate a smooth transition. 

Since late 2015 we’ve gradually expanded the Safehinge team, and invested in systems.  There are now more engineering, customer service and sales people on hand to help our customers and partners.  We’re focused on delivering excellent customer service and remaining accountable throughout projects.

Philip Ross, Commercial Director, said “We’ve been preparing for this acquisition for 18 months.  The management structure we’ve put in place provides clarity of leadership, direction, and accountability.  Importantly, it provides stability so we can focus on the needs of our customers.”


Product development

Having worked together since 2012 our products are well integrated – with Primera’s locksets working seamlessly with Symphony Doorsets

We’re both well known for our focus on product development, recovery-led design and rigorous product testing – ultimately raising the standards in Mental Health design, enhancing recovery, and keep staff and service users safer.  Our combined award-winning design and engineering team will deliver a more harmonious product development, creating safer environments for staff and improved recovery outcomes for service users.


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