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Balancing a therapeutic and homely environment with window safety poses unique challenges in Mental Health units.  Open windows provide an opportunity for escape, to throw objects or pass contraband.  Yet permanently closed windows limit fresh air, which is essential to aid recovery.

That's why we designed our anti-ligature window restrictors to be robust and safe, yet also offer flexibility and maximise air flow. 

Our made-to-measure three-part restrictors are designed to meet speciifc requirements in higher risk environments, while our two-part restrictors are suitable for low-risk environments. 


3-part window restrictors


For challenging scenarios, we’ve developed a three-part window restrictor, supplied as a bespoke product to meet specific project requirements.

They can be colour matched to any décor, blending into the building’s exterior to create a non-institutional aesthetic that aids recovery.

Superior impact resistance

Specifically designed to provide higher security, the restrictor provides superior impact resistance.  So it’s safe to use in abusive environments and increases safety and security without needing to replace existing windows.


Minimises contraband

The durable three-part restrictor eliminates gaps, ensuring contraband can’t easily be passed through.  

The result?  Safer wards, peace of mind for clinical staff, and better care for service users.

Maximises ventilation

After best practice and customer feedback, we carefully designed the restrictors to allow as much ventilation as possible without compromising on safety.  



Manufactured from steel and treated to resist corrosion, the restrictors have multiple fixing points.  So they’re durable and designed to withstand high levels of service user abuse – maximising their lifespan.

2-part window restrictors


Our two-part, fully-adjustable steel restrictors are strong and anti-ligature.  Load and impact tested, they’re ideal for lower abuse environments.

Manufactured in 3mm steel, each restrictor is treated to resist corrosion, extending its lifespan and reducing future replacement costs.  And the slim and unobtrusive restrictors can be colour matched to any decor for a non-institutional aesthetic that helps aid recovery.  Bolt through options for more challenging environments are available 



Sizing guide

Our technical section provides details of sizing for our two-part window restrictors 


Case study: Leeds NHS Trust


Leeds General Hospital wanted to keep service users safer with new window restrictors, while preserving the building’s appearance.  We colour-matched the hospital’s existing dark brown window frames and powder-coated the restrictors.  This allowed them to blend in, preserving the building’s style without compromising service user safety.



Hold-open magnets

If windows need to be held open, our magnetic solution avoids the ligature risks of window stays, protecting service users from self-harm.

Small but powerful, our magnets require no power, making installation quick and inexpensive with minimal disruption.  And with no moving parts, there’s nothing to break and no maintenance problems.

  • Trial kits for on-site testing
  • Quick and simple to install




Hold-closed magnets

During refurb, existing windows often need updating – for example, removing casement stays.  Hold-closed magnets offer an innovative alternative that keeps windows securely shut.

Hold-closed magnets are always made to measure, due to the differing space between vent and inner frame.  We’re always happy to offer specification assistance.

  • For windows without espagnolette locks
  • Ideal for refurbishing old windows
  • Ideal substitute if no locking mechanism is available


Double-flanged window restrictors


Our double-flanged restrictor is ideal where paired window vents sit close together.  It allows both sides of each opening vent to be restricted, preventing weak spots or twisting forces that could compromise security and service-user safety.

Fabricated from 3mm steel for strength and surface treated to prevent corrosion, our restrictors are designed for ease of maintenance.  They also match the discreet style of our single-vent restrictors for consistency and improved aesthetics.

Available in a full range of RAL colours, our restrictors fit vents of differing sizes.  Bespoke options can also be made for other window configurations, allowing protection of almost every style.

Double-flanged restrictors are appropriate for common areas where observation is possible, to minimise the risk of service users creating a ligature point by passing a cord round the frame between windows.

Suitable where the gap between vents is between 15 and 50 mm. 

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