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Our range of anti-ligature window handles give service users the perfect balance of access and security.  And our expertise helps designers and clinical teams to choose the right options for every project. 

Modern Mental Health units are often used alongside older buildings adapted from previous use.  So window safety products must be flexible enough to suit every style, from traditional windows to contemporary tilt-and-turns, in timber, aluminium and PVCu.  Whatever the project, we work closely with major manufacturers to maximise safety by supplying suitable anti-ligature handles.

Our window products are specifically designed to meet multiple needs on the same site.  So they blend in to any backdrop to provide seamless safety for staff and service users alike.


Safety is our priority.  That's why we independently tested all of our handles, using the TS001 specification from the Door & Hardware Federation – and why they all passed at the highest level (A4), rejecting multi-directional 0.5mm ligature attachments.

When using a lever, the convertible handle passes at B4 rating.



Thanks to meticulous design and thorough testing, we've combined soft lines and attractive finnishes with safety and robustness – creating a range of handles suitable for every project.

As well as offering anti-tamper fixings, rounded corners and chamfered edged back-lates, our window handles are robust and deisgned to withstand day-today use in abusive environments.

Manufactured from die-cast zinc and solid steel plate, they're finnished in satin stainless steel and can also be RAL powder-coated to match any design scheme.

Our flexible range includes locking handles for all levels of access and secuirty – allowing designers and clinical teams to choose the perfect level for each project




Anti-ligature lifeline keyway handle

Our Lifeline keyway handle uses a special, staff-only key, limiting the potential for service users to block keyways. So it keeps windows operational and reduces maintenance issues and costs.

Plus staff stay in full control of window use at all times. The staff-only key can be used across multiple platforms, including anti-barricade doorstops, locksets and vision panels.

This means fewer keys on the ward, which improves security and reduces the number of keys carried on staff key chains – making things simpler and reducing the institutional sound of jangling keys. 

One-key access with lifeline 

Combining safety with convenience, the same window key can be used to operate every locking mechansim on the Symphony doorset.  It means staff need just one  key to operate the door lock, vision panel, anti-barricade door stop and window. 

This perfect blend of speed and simplicity makes the job easier for staff whilst also enhancing secuirty – with just one key to carry, the risk of stolen or lost keys is reduced.  Plus, the patented lifeline key is only available from Safehinge Primera, minimising the risk of illicit online purchases and ensuring only staff can operate locks – enhancing secuirty and privacy. 



Convertible anti-ligature handle 

The lock can easily be converted from staff-controlled to user-controlled – and back again. This allows staff to decide who has window privileges, providing simple flexibility on the ward.

In staff mode, a key is needed to operate the small turn-rose, which has insuffcient grip to be used manually.

This gives staff complete control over window operation – maintaining both security and service user safety.

Standard anti-ligature push/pull hanldes 

Designed for windows with no locking mechanism, it allows service users to operate their own windows – restoring dignity.

Ideal for use with hold-closed magnets and for use with horizontal or vertical sliding vents.





Camlock anti-ligature handle

With the same key used for all windows  – known as keyed alike – the camlock is a simple, tried, and tested handle.  In most cases, we supply keyed alike, but we can supply locks with keys unique to you, known as keyed-to-differ.

Compatible with magnetic hold-open window kits.

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