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A revolutionary door that seamlessly balances safety, dignity, practicality and cost.

Working closely with architects, clinicians and facilities managers from a number of NHS and private providers, we’re proud to have redesigned the en-suite door from a blank canvas.


Creates bright, personalised space

The lightweight, flexible leaves can be printed with images, patterns or semi-transparent colours. So service users can personalise their bedroom – and designers can create modern, recovery focused environments with vibrant, uplifting designs.  

Care providers can order spare sets of doors, allowing service users to choose their own doors and giving them ownership of their own space.

Preserves dignity.  Enchances safety.

The door acts as partial visual screen to preserve service user dignity. Yet it also allows observation of head and feet to give clinicians peace of mind.  

Plus there are no magnets in the leaf that could be removed and swallowed.

Rapid 60-minute retrofit

The anti-ligature magnetic pivots attach to the existing door frame with concealed anti tamper screws in just 60 minutes. This minimises disruption in a live ward and enables rapid roll-out.  

Plus the ‘saloon-style’ doors reduce the floor space needed by 75%, creating more spacious bedrooms.

Removes ligature points

Thanks to magnetic load release pivots, ligature risks in unsupervised areas are eliminated.  

And because the magnets are at the top, instead of side-hung, the door is held at the pivot points, whilst allowing the door to rotate open and closed, reducing unwanted detachment.  

Plus there’s an option to allow staff-only reattachment, so a detached door leaf can inform clinical risk assessment and discourage service users from even attempting to tamper with the door.

Product development


Our team of product designers and engineers approach every challenge with no preconceived ideas.  This careful and considered approach takes time, but we’re patient – because the end product has to be safe, robust and practical from the first time it’s used.

For 18 months, we worked with architects, clinicians, and facilities managers – following a robust research process (including in live ward environments).  We approached the challenge as a blank canvas – understanding different users’ needs and viewing solutions through their eyes.

It's this thorough and methodical approach which has resulted in this en-suite door which addresses the limitations of existing options.

Find out more about our product development process

Our revolutionary solution


As well as setting new standards for safety and design, our new en-suite door restores dignity and independence. It’s cost effective too, saving up to £1,000 compared to full doors with door-top alarms.

Limitations of alternatives


Before lifting a finger in developing this new en-suite door, we immersed ourselves in the live ward environment. This robust research process saw us gather feedback from architects, clinicians and estate teams – and exposed the limitations of existing solutions. 

Cut-down door

Cut-down door

  • Multiple ligature risks on door frame, hinge and gap
  • No opening angle restriction, so double-swing variant vulnerable to breakout
  • Can be used as both a weapon and hiding place
  • Slamming causes damage and disruption

Full door with door-top alarm

Full door with door-top alarm

  • Low-level anchor points pose risk of bed sheet ligature
  • Limited observation when bathroom in use
  • Doesn’t solve ligature risk
  • Can be used as a weapon and hiding place
  • Can result in staff complacency

Foam door

Foam door

  • Side-hung magnets detach too easily, so impractical
  • Can be used as battering ram or shield
  • Strong magnets in fabric can be removed and swallowed, causing internal injury and even death

No door / Curtain

No door / Curtain

  • Lack of dignity and privacy
  • Constant observation causes anxiety
  • En-suites redesigned for privacy also create ‘hidden’ area
  • Doesn’t emulate home environment
  • Curtain blocks observation and require regular replacement


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