66 - automatic night latch LOCKSET (handle inside)

With a handle on the inside of the automatic night latch lockset, the door automatically locks when closed – ideal for ‘off-limit’ areas by providing staff peace of mind and keeping service users safer.



Automatic locking: Yes
Available with Lifeline closed keyway: Yes
Compatible with 5-way SOS locksets: Yes
Compatible with 1-way SOS locksets: Yes

66 Automatc Night Latch for 5-way SOS lockset

This application is available on our 5-way SOS lockset – providing the most complete override locking system on an anti-ligature lockset. 

In the most common barricade scenario, the staff key dominates the internal turn/pull, ending the barricade quickly and simply.  It also contains additional emergency override methods to overcome determined barricades. We hope you rarely use them, but when you do, they might just save a life. 


66 Automatc Night Latch for 1-way SOS lockset

This application is compatible with our 1-way SOS locksets – which are suitable for low-risk doors where tampering is unlikely.

These locksets provide just one override method – key override. The patented direct mechanical override means the key and turn/pull operate independently – allowing staff to unlock the door, even if service user holds the turn/pull.


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