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Our electronic lockset, Passport, takes best practice from current recovery-led Mental Health design and operates on our smart platform – enabling remote programming, and real-time updates and reporting.  Combining safety and speed of access with convenience and service user empowerment, it’s built specifically for Mental Health environments. Plus it’s the only electronic lockset with 5-way SOS (Staff Override System) – so staff can always gain access.

Staff need only one swipe card, which is programmed to open all relevant doors.  This reduces the number of keys carried on the ward, increasing security and making key selection faster, especially in stressful situations.  Plus it eliminates the jangling keys commonly associated with institutional environments.

Because there’s no keyway to block and the lockset is fitted to the outside, tampering is harder.  If there is damage or interference, staff can unscrew a safety cover and open the door with the emergency tool, ensuring permanent access.

Remotely programmed

Individual access permissions are programmed remotely at a central ward-based computer or from head office, with near instant updates applied. This makes it easier and quicker to manage cards on a large ward and improves security, with misplaced or stolen cards immediately removed from the system. Temporary cards can also be added or removed swiftly. 

Real-time updates

Systems needing overnight updates are impractical on a busy ward. That’s why our smart platform works in real-time, providing superior security and allowing staff to respond to changing service user privileges. 

Plus the handheld programmer allows permission changes when the wireless network is unavailable, ensuring control of permissions even in extreme circumstances

Real-time audit trail

Our smart platform records both service user and staff movement, keeping track of any number of cards. It also provides staff time and attendance records – and can even be used to check if service users are isolating themselves or trying to access off-limit areas. It can be used to highlight attempts to access a restricted room.

The only electronic lockset with a complete override

Because it’s designed specifically for Mental Health environments, it’s the only electronic lockset with 5-way SOS (Staff Override System), so staff can always gain access.

Learn about our staff override system (SOS)

Service user keys


The harmless key fob can be issued to service users, emulating the home environment by giving them complete control over their living space access – restoring dignity and aiding recovery.  Plus it reduces demand on staff to unlock doors.

Non-clinical areas and corridor doors


Our range of conventional electronic locksets and wall readers are ideal for non-service user areas.

Allowing bedrooms and office doors to be operated with the same swipe card, they offer improved monitoring of staff attendance and movement.  

And because our smart platform and wall readers are compatible with third party electronic locks, there’s a single platform for all electronic locksets throughout a building.  

The result? Reduced complexity and easier management of swipe cards, wristbands and key fobs.

  • Enables all access control to be managed from a single platform
  • Simplifies management of access control
  • Suitable for fire doors
  • Complies with EN179 for emergency exit application
  • Electronic locking trim suitable for use on standard mortice locks
  • Battery operated (optional)
Passport solo
Case study


To achieve this, they chose our electronic locksets throughout, promoting service user independence and restoring dignity.  AFL Architects wanted design consistency across the separate psychiatric intensive care unit and adult inpatient rehabilitation wards in this new Mental Health facility in Leigh, Wigan.  

On the dementia ward, they used Oryx handles to create the homely, aesthetic appearance of a domestic door.


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