• Prevention is better than cure

    Prevention is better than cure

    Our Lifeline closed keyway system is designed to eject foreign objectsminimising keyway tampering and making barricade attempts harder.

  • The most complete override on an electronic lockset

    The most complete override on an electronic lockset

    Our electronic lockset comes with 5-way SOS (Staff Override System) – ensuring you can always gain access regardless of keyway tampering.


Our range of anti-ligature locksets and handles are designed to keep service users safe. They’re intuitive to use, making life easier for staff and ensuring quick operation– especially in stressful situations.  Plus they’re robust and ideal for retrofitting, keeping maintenance and installation costs to a minimum. 

Designed to overcome barricades of any type, our patented locksets provide peace of mind and help to save lives.

Our range of robust and anti-ligature handles are all independently tried, tested and proven in the Mental Health environment. They're also designed for service users with different needs and varying levels of strength and manual dexterity. 


Locksets: robust and anti-ligature tested


Handles: Independently anti-ligature tested for complete peace of mind


Slave-leaf locking


The Trust originally wanted a square drive lockset.  But with tampering and barricading an issue, they also wanted a reliable and complete override system so that staff could always gain access.

Our existing 5-way SOS (Staff Override System) didn’t quite fit the bill, as there were concerns about keyway tampering.  So we suggested using it in conjunction with our Lifeline closed keyway system.  

The proof came in the testing, when Trust staff really put our lockset through its paces.   Having dealt with the many issues caused by blocked keyways, they set about trying to jam it with a variety of foreign objects, including toothpaste and a mixture of hair gel and hair spray.  

The result?  A product that passed with flying colours – and a client who was convinced it met their needs.  


Designed to counteract any barricade

We know that barricades happen. That’s why we designed our Staff Override System (SOS), with five override methods.  Simple barricades are overcome by the staff turning the key, but there's four, rarely used, emergency override options are available for the worst case scenarios.

So you can always gain access, even if a service user tampers with the keyway or is holding the internal turn/pull.

Independently anti-ligature tested

Using the Door & Hardware Federation specification TS001, Exova independently test and classify our locksets and handles as anti-ligature hardware, with all of them passing at the highest level in their respective classifications.

This rigorous, measurable and repeatable testing offers a reliable indicator in any product assessment process.

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