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To restore dignity and recreate a homely environment, vulnerable service users need fixtures and fittings that are familiar and, most importantly, safe.

Existing products failed to address this issue, so we developed a range of load release anti-ligature bedroom and bathroom fittings that are lightweight yet durable.  Plus, they look just like the ones you’d find in a home bathroom – restoring dignity, creating a sense of normality, and helping to aid recovery.  

Minimises accidental detachment

Our clever design ensures the fitting is only released under a downward load.  This minimises accidental detachments, making life easier for staff and service users, and extending the fitting’s lifespan.

Lightweight and safe

The fitting’s detachable parts are lightweight and make an ineffective weapon, minimising the risk to staff.  

Fire resistant

A special chemical stops the mouldings burning within ten seconds, minimising the risk of vandalism and wider damage.

Anti-ligature and shatter-resistant

Built from strong, high-performance ABS plastic, the fittings won’t shatter into jagged pieces, reducing the risk of self-harm. 

Plus because it’s hard-wearing, it offers a long-term solution.  And like all Safehinge Primera products, it’s been thoroughly tested to the DHF TS001 specification – in our workshop and independently by Exova.

How it works


The release mechanism uses a spring hidden inside the anti-tamper casing.  It provides a robust connection that only releases when needed – a simple concept that really works.  

Patent protected (GB2504710)

The anti-ligature bracket is fixed to the wall or ceiling.  When an abnormal load is applied, the lightweight fitting is released, with the components pushing back together afterwards. 




We carefully balance practicality and normality with safety in everything we do.  That’s why all our fittings are tested to the Door & Hardware Federation Technical specification TS001, which tests resistance to ligature attachment.

The fittings were tested with a 0.5mm wire diameter and a 10kg downward load – passing at the highest level.

explore our test methodology

Load release products



Our range of load release anti-ligature bathroom and bedroom fittings are safe, and designed to look like the ones you’d find in a home bathroom – restoring dignity, creating a sense of normality, and aiding recovery.



Shower track

Our load release shower tracks keep bathrooms drier and safer, while preserving service user dignity.  The patented anti-ligature load release brackets are made from shatter-resistant materials, so they can be reused safely, even after repeated detachment.  

Available in a range of sizes and shapes, the shower track provides a customisable layout to suit all shower facilities.

  • Reduces breakage, building damage and maintenance costs
  • Easy-glide tracks
  • Available in straight, L-shape and U-shape to suit every environment

Curtain track

Our curtain tracks are ideal for windows, emulating the home environment by blocking light and minimising echoes – creating more homely and calming surroundings.  Our tracks are designed for practical day-to-day use, so staff and service users can draw them quickly and easily. Plus they won’t detach if pulled sideways, eliminating any unwanted surprises.  Any abnormal vertical load over 10kg (per fixing) will immediately release the track, preventing damage to walls and ceilings and keeping service users safe.

Made from shatter-resistant materials, the tracks can easily be pushed back together after detachment, reducing repair costs and saving time.

  • Reduces breakage, building damage and   maintenance costs
  • Wide range of sizes and curtain layouts 
  • Easy-glide tracks 
  • Available in white colour


Toilet roll holder

Towel ring

Vanity shelf straight

Wardrobe rail

Soap dish

Towel rail

Vanity shelf corner

Coat hook

Case study


Providing services for children and young people, Newbridge House was refurbished to create a modern, safe and supportive environment for those suffering from eating disorders. Key to the design was creating welcoming spaces which looked and felt homely – and the bathrooms were no different. That’s why they chose our load release fittings which provide safety while looking like traditional bathroom fittings.



Limitations of existing fittings

Traditional anti-ligature fittings can look sanitised and out of line with modern approaches to recovery.  They clearly indicate a different, more institutional environment – and removing them altogether implies that the service user can’t be trusted.

Magnetic fittings

Magnetic fittings

Magnetic anti-ligature systems answer many of today’s requirements.  But as they’re only kept intact by magnets, they can often become detached accidentally due to their multi-directional load release causing frustration.

The most common example is curtains detaching completely when being pulled open or shut.

Because such fittings rely on a perfect magnetic connection, side bracing is often fitted to prevent detachment. 

The magnets in the fittings can make the product heavy – curtains in particular – meaning they make an effective weapon when detached.

Plastic fittings

Plastic fittings

When deliberately damaged, plastic based components leave very sharp edges which can be used to self-harm.  Plus some fittings use plastic components that shear to reduce ligature risk – needing replaced after each incident, adding to maintenance costs.

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