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After collaborating with the experts at dormakaba, the global market leader in door closers, the result is a reliable anti-ligature overhead concealed door closer that’s robust, simple to fit and secure.  

Available in three configurations to suit different environments, the concealed transom design is fitted in the frame head, so successfully avoids ligature points. It also offers improved fire safety and minimises smoke and light leakage.  And as well as an impressive back check function, it minimises abuse and reduces maintenance costs. 

Safe, hygienic, anti-ligature

Self-contained design is hygienic and, most importantly, anti-ligature.

Reduced service user disruption

Easy to install, with no floor excavations required.   So it’s ideal for refurbs and buildings with underfloor heating.

Internal brake and adjustable power rating

The powerful back check function reduces abuse to doors and keeps staff safe, slowing the door’s opening speed when kicked or slammed.

Plus the adjustable power rating means closing speed can be modified once installed, ensuring opening force compliance.

Double swing

Choice of closing options to suit most Mental Health doors, allowing anti-barricade or emergency access where needed.

Case study: Hellingly Centre


The Hellingly Centre had signifIcant problems with floor sprung door closers fItted during a previous project. They were therefore keen to find a door closer specifcally designed for the challenging Mental Health environment. Our concealed transom door closer (Sureclose) provided the answer.

Sussex Partnership approached us after a ward refurbishment caused them significant issues with floor springs. Doors were either slamming or not shutting fully, creating both a security risk and unnecessary distress among service users.

To ensure they got a closer that worked fIrst time, we recommended our concealed door closer. Fitted to the frame head, and with an adjustable power rating and closing speeds, it’s the ultimate concealed door closer.

After carrying out Department of Health medium secure abuse tests and browsing our online test database, Sussex Partnership were confident it was the right solution too.

To meet their needs, they used our standard mechanical closer on bedroom doors for self-closing at a controlled speed. On corridor doors, they chose our electro-magnetic (EMAG) hold-open option, which created more open spaces while maintaining free compartments.

The result? Safe and robust door closers that enhanced security and ensured a peaceful ward environment.



Simulating the sustained abuse that a doorset is be exposed to in the challenging Mental Health environment.  

It tests the durability of the doorstop and the frame's connection to the structural opening.

Explore our testing methods

Closer options


Available in three different versions, each designed for anti-barricade doors, it’s perfect for every modern Mental Health scenario.  And because it offers a full range of options, just like any other project, it completely changes the rules for Mental Health door design.

Our choice of bedroom and communal door closers accounts for fire and staff safety, maintenance costs, and service user comfort and monitoring. After all, a bedroom is the service user’s only personal space – so it needs to be special.


Automatic mechanical closer which maintains fire compartments and ensures staff safety.

When the door is opened, it will self-close when released. With an adjustable power rating, the opening force can be specifically set for the size and weight of the door, ensuring they close and latch correctly – eliminating the annoying slam caused by non-adjustable closers. Plus the back check internal brake prevents the door being slammed or weaponised – improving safety and minimising maintenance.




No opening force, ideal for leaving doors open for observation.

With no closing force, our Freeswing closer is less institutional, operating like a normal door at home.  This also means that bedroom doors can be left ajar for better observation, removing the temptation to prop them open and put fire safety at risk. It’s also easy to use by service users with reduced strength.  Plus the closer is linked to the fire alarm, ensuring the door self-closes when needed.




Doors stay in the open position day to day, ideal for creating open, spacious environments.

The concealed hold-open (EMAG) closer safely keeps door open – allowing easy movement through a building, reducing barriers and promoting independence. Surface mounted options are often prone to abuse and can look institutional, so our fully concealed unit is ideal for abusive environments and where designers want spaces to feel more normalised. Plus it’s linked to the fire alarm, automatically closing to maintain fire compartments.

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