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Perfect for new builds and major refurbishments, our discreet integral finger guard offers complete safety and unrivalled durability. 

Our integral finger guard – Alumax –  designs out the problem of trapped fingers by using a rounded heel to eliminate the gap between door and frame.  As the door opens and shuts, this gap remains constant at just 2mm – too small for fingers to get in harm’s way.

Once fitted, it will last the lifetime of the door, removing the need for regular replacements and saving between £500 and £1,000 per door over 25 years compared to plastic.


Lasts the lifetime of the door

Once installed, Alumax will last the lifetime of the door, removing the need for replacements. This can save £500-£1,000 over the door’s life, compared to plastic finger guards.

Designs out the problem

Our integral finger guard reduces the risk of trapped fingers by removing the dangerous gap between door and frame. The clever design means there’s less opportunity for wandering fingers to become trapped. It’s the perfect example of prevention being the best way to protect against accidents.

Blends in seamlessly

Available in a range of finishes, including timber finish and RAL colour, it’s almost invisible to the eye and fits seamlessly into any environment.

Onsite adjustability

The pivot hinge allows onsite adjustment to speed up installation.

This adjustability is both vertical and lateral, so you can set both desired floor clearance and fine-tune the finger-safe gap.




We chose aluminium because it’s easy to clean.  So it’s perfect for keeping restaurant toilets safe and hygienic.



The robust aluminium profile can withstand bumps and bashes from trolleys and wheelchairs – making it perfect for special education needs schools and hospitals


Modular design

In healthcare environments, doors are often subject to extreme damage by trolleys.  Alumax’s aluminium profile can be replaced in minutes.





How it works


The concentric curved profile and pivot point of our integral finger guard means the frame sits almost at a tangent to the door. This allows it to open and close without the edge moving relative to the frame – creating a constant 2mm finger-safe gap.

Patent protected (GB1902103, FR1902103, DE602006020281.4)







Plastic finger guards cover the gap, but in high traffic environments, like schools, hospitals, restaurants and retail environments, they’re simply not durable enough.

  • Typically require replacement every 6-24 months in schools
  • Once broken, the original danger is exposed, putting fingers at risk
  • Unsightly, rarely blending with the environment


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Developed to address the durability issues of plastic finger guards, these hard wearing and tough finger guards cover the complete gap, however fingers can still become trapped.

  • Wandering fingers can push the guard into the gap
  • Highly visible
  • Gathers dust and grime

Rubber finger guard video

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Roller Blind

Roller blind

The single roller blind uses fabric tension to resist fingers pushing into the gap.  But they cost almost as much as an integral finger guard, yet compromise on aesthetics.

Roller blind finger guard video

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Architectural considerations


Whether single or double-swing, Alumax works with wide a range of door closers.


Overhead scissor-arm closer

Our integral finger guard works perfectly with most scissor-arm closers.  However, to ensure they don’t clash, check where the screw fixings are placed on the door frame.  See our technical manual for more details.


Overhead cam action closer 

Cam action closers’ efficiency helps achieve Approved Document M/BS 8300.  Plus, there are no protruding parts when the door is closed.

The closer can also be fitted with a cushion limiter stay.  This small rubber buffer fits into the guide rail, restricting the door’s opening angle in the absence of floor-mounted stops.


Concealed transom closer (Sureclose)

Our overhead concealed door closer is the perfect solution for double-swing 54mm doors.  The closer is fitted in the frame head, eliminating the need for costly floor spring excavations.  Plus, it’s tough, safe and easy to install, as well as having a back check internal brake to prevent damage from misuse.  With the EMAG hold-open option, it can be linked to the fire alarm to ensure fire compartmentalisation.  


Floor springs

We’re pleased to supply a special kit with a bottom strap compatible for floor springs. Floor springs themselves are available from a number of manufacturers. Please check compatibility in our technical manual before specification.



Opening angle restriction

Our integral finger guard has a maximum opening angle of 110°.  However, we strongly recommend that you restrict this to 100° to prevent the door binding against the door frame.  Floor or wall mounted door stops can be used in most cases.  To avoid issues with underfloor heating, or to prevent the stop becoming a trip hazard, overhead door restrictors or cushion limiter stays fitted into a slide arm door closer can also be used.


Alumax can achieve acoustic rating up to 32dB on 44mm and 38dB on 54mm doors.  Standard smoke seals can be used around the perimeter.  At the threshold, the options are a mechanical drop seal, surface mounted, or a concealed fixed seal, with a raised threshold. See technical manual for details.

L-bracket or floor plate

Both options are available, although we recommend L-brackets.  Fixed into the frame and floor, they help spread the load of the door, helpful if you’re working with a floating screed construction.  It also ensures the bottom pivot point is placed correctly relative to the door frame.


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