lights. Camera. Action. 


We're not nuts...or are we?

Brilliant ideas often come when you least expect them. Our latest innovation, the ALUmini, happened like that.

And who better to tell the story than the people who thought it up? 

We dragged Safehinge founders Phil and Martin away from the drawing board to recreate their latest Eureka moment, for your eyes only.

Discover the story here. Then make up your own mind: Are we nuts, or are we simply different?

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Testing videos

We carry out the very strictest mechanical and abuse tests on our prototypes. And after that, we test them again…and again…and again. Only after passing hours of full and rigorous testing are we satisfied that they’re ready for release.

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Safehinge founders Phil and Martin demonstrate how the unlikely inspiration for our innovative Alumini came from a humble jar of peanut butter.




Safe, easy to fit and built to last, even in extreme duty environments. But don't take our word for it — watch Alufast at work on a standard single swing door in this short video. 

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